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Detroit, Michigan
Burning Desire - Break Free
 80s Hard Rock Band
Tim Storm - Bass Guitar
Eric A. Rock - Drums
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 Jeff Vocals & Krystal on Guitar
Jeff & Krystal’s early songwriting days started in the hard rock/ metal bandBurning Desire.  They performed numerous live concerts at clubs (Harpos, Ritz, etc), concert halls and parties in the Metro-Detroit area. They released an album, Break Free, which was heavily aired on college radio stations throughout Michigan. The album rapidly climbed up on the Michigan State University WLFT Top Ten Album Charts (CM Journal, New York). That was the 1st time in MSU WLFT Radio that a local band on an independent label hit the Top 10 Charts alongside all nationally known artists such as Whitesnake and Def Leppard. Also, the single from the album, “I’m not Alone”, was translated and sung in Russian by Jeff and played overseas.
Behind Closed Doors
Jeff & Krystal Kuehn
I'm Not Alone
Krystal Kuehn
Break Free
Jeff & Krystal Kuehn
Never Enough
Jeff & Krystal Kuehn
Turn Away
Jeff & Krystal Kuehn
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