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New Song Productions
Background music for dvd
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Background Music for DVD
Detroit, Michigan
Click here to listen to professional, background music for dvd and all your media projects
Did you ever watch dvds that are missing that special ingredient that could make them so much more interesting?  With some music for dvd, their dvd suddenly comes to life!  Music for dvd adds a mood and a tone to your project.  It helps to enhance the overall experience, making it so much more lively, energetic, interesting and enjoyable to watch and listen.   
Today there are countless ways to use background music in your media projects.  It adds another dimension to anything you do from your own videos to web sites.  The possibilities are endless to take advantage of this remarkable way of adding life and energy to all of your media projects!

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Music for DVD
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**Please note--


A credit should appear in your project as follows...

"Song Title" by Author (Example: Up All Night by Jeff Kuehn)

This license DOES NOT cover-

1. Sharing, Trading, Downloading, Reselling: Song(s) licensed cannot be redistributed, traded, made available for download, resold or otherwise transferred to anyone else. Songs cannot be resold as songs. You can't license the original songs, create your own CD or DVD of those songs, and resell it as your own product. That is a copyright violation. Nor can they be included in a project that allows the end-customer to transfer the songs for personal use.

2. Use of this music in a theatrical film, motion picture or television broadcast is not covered by this license. For use of their music in commercial film or television, Contact us with the specifics of your project for a quote.  The license is valid for the purchaser only and is non-transferable.

3. Mass Production or Distribution: Song(s) under this license agreement cannot be included in any commercial product and cannot be mass produced (10 or more units). A product release of more than 10 units requires a different license. Contact us with the specifics
of your project for a quote.

1. When you license a song, you don't own it. You are licensing it for use but you don't own the copyright to the songs themselves.

2. When you buy a song this license covers a single user only. It cannot be transferred to another party.

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You can license royalty free background music for DVD and all your media project needs at a very reasonable cost. For a small fee (license fee) of only $8.95 per song, you can use these original songs/ instrumentals on most media projects royalty-free.**

For use of this music in commercial projects, contact us with the specifics of your project for a quote
Song Lengths - Alien Factory (4:54 time), Up All Night (5:36), Memories of You (6:11), In Your Embrace (1:47), Bouree (1:37), Life is Good (4:54), New World (4:19), Serene Solitude (8:04), Beyond Understanding (10:44)