Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature 
cannot do without. ~Confucius
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Krystal's Bio
Krystal’s early songwriting days started as a rhythm/lead guitar player in a rock/metal bandBurning Desire, with Jeff, who is now her husband.  They released an album, Break Free, which rapidly climbed up on the Michigan State University WLFT Top Ten Album Charts (CM Journal, New York).  That was the 1st time in the MSU WLFT Radio that a local band on an independent label hit the Top 10 Charts alongside all nationally known artists such as Whitesnake and Def Leppard. 
Krystal continued to expand musically as a musician and songwriter as she crossed over into different styles and genres. She played bass guitar in many theatrical productions, ensembles, orchestra, and praise & worship bands. She also performed bass guitar for the Macomb Community College Jazz Band and trained for over 10 years in classical guitar. She wrote numerous inspirational and worship songs that were performed at various church services, community concerts, and charity events.  
Krystal continues to write inspiring songs with empowering lyrics that touch the heart. Her lyrics have a positive underlining theme of lifting the spirit and comforting the soul.

Krystal and her husband, Jeff, are currently writing songs for artists and recording their original songs. 
Songwriter & MusicianElectric, Acoustic, Classical Guitar and Bass Guitar
Songwriter & Musician
Vocalist and Piano/Keyboard Player
Jeff’s early beginnings in music started with the saxophone.  At only 8 years old, he had a natural ability to improvise with great skill and creativity beyond his years that was quickly recognized and showcased by his music teachers. He then began singing and playing the piano. With his powerful voice as lead vocalist and his charismatic stage presence he led his high school band, Cut Throat, to a resounding 1st place in the L’Anse Cruise High School Talent Show.  
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Jeff & Krystal Kuehn's Bios
Jeff’s incredibly wide vocal range extending from low bass notes up to ear-piercing harmonic high pitches drew crowds whenever he performed.  His vocal influences include Dennis DeYoung, Steve Perry, Bruce Dickenson and Ronnie James Dio. 
He later formed a rock/ metal bandBurning Desire, with Krystal, who is now his wife.  They released an album, Break Free, that Jeff produced and co-wrote with Krystal.  The songs highlighted his dynamic vocals, solo keyboard playing and
Krystal Bass Guitar
Singer Songwriter
Jeff & Krystal
Jeff Vocals & Krystal on Guitar
creative songwriting.  The album rapidly hit the college radio MSU Top Ten Album Charts (CM Journal, New York). Also, the single from the album, “I’m Not Alone”, was translated and sung in Russian by Jeff and played overseas.
Jeff’s live performances showcase his exceptional piano playing and soulful singing which makes him in demand for hired performances.  He performed in numerous concerts, weddings, and in local and touring bands. In addition, Jeff and Krystal were Praise & Worship Leaders at several churches. Jeff’s ability to direct and unify a team of musicians and choir members along with his deeply, passionate singing and playing helped people connect and 
Jeff Playing Keyboard
respond with powerful and intimate worship. He and his wife write many praise and worship songs that impact and inspire entire congregations.

Jeff enjoys recording, studio production, and sound engineering. He has recorded and produced the music of many local artists.  Jeff and Krystal are currently writing and recording their soundtracks, instrumentals and original songs.
Kyrstal  Lead Guitar
Kyrstal Classical Guitar
Bass Ensemble
Male Vocalist
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